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Act today - Helping families provide care and treatment for their children with autism

​​Alders Voice - provides resources, assistance tech, treatments for children with any disability and significant speech challenges  

Aubrey Rose Foundation - for children living with life-threatening medical condition 

Autism Cares - grants up to $1000 for people on spectrum during times of unplanned hardships 

Babies with iPads - Blog regarding ipads, assistive technology & early intervention apps, etc.

Blanche Fischer Foundation -  for or residents with disability of physical nature 

Firsthand Foundation - For children 18 and under with special health need and no insurance coverage

Gracies Hope - OT, PT, speech and equipment

Maggie Welby Foundation - children grades k-12 in need for camps, medical bills, special needs 

Parkers Purpose - Families with immediate financial crisis due to child's life altering illness or disability

Small Steps in Speech -  for kids up to 22 years of age needing speech therapies,treatments devices

United Healthcare Children's Foundation -  for families w/ child 16 and younger w/ medical needs not covered by health plan 

As parents & caregivers of children with special needs we know how financially tiring it can be. Below are sites that will hopefully help get you started as you hone your search for assistance, for instance with items that are not covered by medical insurance. Click on the appropriate name and you will be directed to their website.

Please feel free to message us at ateamjustice@gmail.com if you have sites you’d like to share with us!