The Child Center is a non-profit human services agency that has been offering a continuum of psychiatric, therapeutic and special education programs throughout Lane County since 1971 and in Central Oregon since 2011.

Child Development and Rehabilitation Center (CDRC) staff specializes in diagnosis, assessment, and intervention related to disorders affecting development. Depending on the child, our services range from a single discipline consultation to a full team evaluation.

Connect the Dots Therapy is a therapist-owned clinic offering Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapy services. Our holistic approach focuses on developing treatment and skill building plans that are incorporated not just during sessions, but also at home with family direction.

Fidgets2Widgets program is based on an energetic child development model that addresses the unique character traits, learning style and energy level of each child. Fidgets2Widgets honors a child’s natural way of being in the world while helping them to progress through the developmental stages of middle childhood. We strive to meet the “holistic” (i.e. physical, emotional, motivational, social, expressive and intellectual) needs of each child. What we know about these 21st Century kids, is they can tolerate and absorb an amazing amount of sensory information/stimulation. Their minds move quickly, their attention spans can be short, they do best when taking information in small bytes. In addition, all children have enormous amounts of physical energy. F2W is designed to accommodate both the internal and external high energy needs of children.

Jasper Mountain is a unique organization, it is a treatment family, and it is a place of hope for children and parents who search for answers.  Since 1982, we have been growing and learning along with the children and families we serve.  Jasper Mountain is many things but there is nothing quite like it anywhere! Jasper Mountain provides a continuum of programs that meets the needs of emotionally disturbed children and their families. Services include an intensive residential treatment program with a therapeutic school, a short-term residential center, treatment foster care program, community based wraparound program and crisis response services.


ACT- Autism Consulting and Training's mission is to provide quality education and training that *improves the community’s understanding of autism spectrum disorders, *enhances the lives of people with autism and the people that care for them, *respects the unique and individual needs of each person with an autism spectrum disorder, and *supports individuals and families in times of need and celebrates with them when they succeed

The ARC Lane County advocates to enhance the dignity, expand the opportunities, and protect the rights of persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families. The Arc provides a host of services, employment, training and events for those with special needs including respite programs like "JumpStart" (after school program for school age children (5-21). This program focuses on teaching social skills in a recreational setting.) "Take a break" (Program is geared to for families who have children ages 0 to 17 with developmental disabilities and their siblings. The program is designed to give parents respite so they can take a break.

Autism Society of Oregon(ASO) is Oregon's leading organization providing resources, education, advocacy and support for individuals and families living with Autism.

Bridgeway House serves the needs of children with autism and related disabilities while educating and supporting their families.

Direction Services is a multi-program, family support agency located in Eugene, Oregon. Direction Service began in 1977 at the University of Oregon. Since then, it's become an independent, private, non-profit corporation funded through public and private donations as well as local and federal support. Direction Service presently has four programs: Family Support & Service Coordination, Information Services, Counseling Center and Center for Appropriate Dispute Resolution in Special Education.  

Early Childhood CARES (EC Cares) provides early intervention and early childhood special education to infants, toddlers and preschool age children in Lane County. Services are individually designed to address the special needs of the young child with developmental delays or disabilities.

FactOregon is a family leadership organization based in Oregon for individuals and their families experiencing disability, working collaboratively to facilitate positive change in policies, systems, and attitudes, through family support, advocacy, and partnerships.

Full Access Brokerage envisions a world where equal access ensures that all people live, work, and recreate in their community, consistent with their preferences and choices. This is a world where partnerships thrive and support is a natural extension of community membership. In the Full Access vision, dreams are pursued through active community participation, choices, and advocacy.  

HEDCO Clinic is made from UO student clinicians in speech language pathology who provide a broad range of speech-language-hearing services, including diagnostic evaluations and individual and group therapy. Students are supervised by faculty members who hold the Certificate of Clinical Competency (CCC) from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, and are also licensed by the state of Oregon. Sliding scale pay available.

Lane County Developmental Disabilities Services or DDS provides a range of services for eligible individuals and their families including intake and eligibility determination, case management, protective services for adults, community-based residential and employment services, foster care for children and adults, self-directed supports, high school transition services and crisis resolution. Lane County Developmental Disabilities Services strives to provide a responsive, cooperative lifespan delivery system of support, training, care, monitoring, protection and crisis response for persons with developmental disabilities and their families. Services are designed to maximize opportunities for self-determination and self-sufficiency. We value integration, independence and productivity.

Lane Senior and Disability Services mission is to advocate for seniors and persons with disabilities and provide to them quality services and information that promote dignity, independence, and choice.

NextStep's mission is to provide educational opportunities to ‘at risk’ population groups. NextStep carefully separates the goals and individual aspirations of those people who seek its services. Additionally, the individualized programs are structured to meet the abilities of each person, as not every person is full mobile and many come with their own support people.

Oregon Council on Developmental Disabilities mission is to advance social and policy change so that individuals with developmental disabilities, their families and communities may live, work, play and learn together.  Our vision is that all communities welcome and value people with disabilities and their families.
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Oregon Family Support Network (OFSN) is for children, youth and families who have complex challenges resulting from mental or behavioral health disorders.  Our families and youth also struggle with many obstacles and barriers, including; poverty, domestic violence, homelessness, disconnection from family, untreated mental health and addictions, as well as profound traumatic experiences. Our offering is best described as peer delivered service. Families and youth come to OFSN for education and training, community supports, advocacy and/or for family partner services through behavioral health systems.

Oregon Social Learning Center (OSLC) is a non-profit, collaborative, multidisciplinary research center dedicated to increasing the scientific understanding of social and psychological processes related to healthy development and family functioning. We apply that understanding to the design and evaluation of interventions that strengthen children, adolescents, families, and communities.

Rise - Oregon (RISE) is a nonprofit organization that specializes in home and community-based support services for children and adults with developmental and other disabilities, children with mental health challenges, and aging adults. For over 25 years, our purpose has remained constant. We create opportunities for and with the people we serve, their families, and for the men and women who work in the direct care profession.

Swindells Resource Center of Providence Child Center supports parents and caregivers of children who have special needs, developmental delays or disabilities. We provide resources, information and education to communities throughout Oregon and southwest Washington

United Cerebral Palsy (UCP) of Oregon & SW Washington is a non-profit based in Portland, Oregon. We've been improving supports for people who experience disabilities since 1955.              


I Can Shine (iCan Shine) provides quality learning opportunities in recreational activities for individuals with disabilities. By creating an environment where each person is empowered to maximize their individual abilities, everyone can shine!

KindTree is here to serve and celebrate people on the autism spectrum through art, recreation, and community

RideAble provides horsemanship instruction for the special needs community in a safe and interactive environment. Essential life skills for each individual are developed and improved through healthy recreational riding. 


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As fellow parents & direct caregivers in this community, we know how overwhelming and hard it can be to know where to find assistance when you see signs that your child may be impacted by an intellectual/developmental delay. We know how important time can be and are hoping that the following links will help you get started, just click on the name of the organization and it will take you to their webpage.


* Parents helping parents navigate the world of disability*

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