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What is a sensory gym?


A therapeutic room that provides benefits for sensory process disorders from mild to severe, but anyone in the general population could benefit as well.  A gym would provided specific therapeutic equipment and activities depending on its use. It will stimulate such senses as vestibular, visual, olfactory, oral motor, proprioceptive, tactile touch feel, and auditory.  A sensory gym should be designed to calm or stimulate an individual through any one of these senses.


The story of The A Team Justice League began in 2010 with a group of concerned, passionate, generous women who wanted to create a better world for those with disabilities and their families. In 2012 we became an organization and provided services to hundreds of families in Lane County. We developed vital connections between individuals otherwise isolated by disability. Our programs offer families hope, empowerment and a chance to participate in community activities. In 2014, we became a 501(3)c, a vital Non-Profit. 

* Parents helping parents navigate the world of disability*

We are a grassroots organization of advocates with the alter-abled.  We are  "A" Team of parents and caregivers who use tools, technology, education, and camaraderie to increase the safety and well being of families experiencing autism & other disabilities.

Current Projects we are excited about!

Through our confidential Facebook forum, members have regular contact with others who understand what they are going through. Research shows that this type of connection decreases stress for the caregiver which is positive for the entire family.

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