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The A-Team has spent years dedicated to raising funds for a sensory gym in Lane county. We've felt that the services provided were a necessary addition for our children. Funding obstacles were huge and at times seemed insurmountable. Our goal of 100k was, frankly, too small to accomplish such a large goal and provide the accessibility we feel all children deserve. Obtaining support from or partnering with a larger organization was always the most feasible option. With the opening of The Arc's sensory playground and PeaceHealth's sensory gym attached to their behavior support program, the A-Team feels we see our vision coming to fruition even sooner than intended. With the possibility of insurance covering access to the gym as opposed to member dues and volunteer time PeaceHealth ownership allows a large number of our member forum to participate without giving back. The A-Team will continue to work for truly free access for all families in need of services and is excited to be putting together a grant program as a real world tangible way to assist individuals in getting the services they need.

We are a grassroots organization of advocates with the alter-abled.  We are  "A" Team of parents and caregivers who use tools, technology, education, and camaraderie to increase the safety and well being of families experiencing autism & other disabilities.

Through our confidential Facebook forum, members have regular contact with others who understand what they are going through. Research shows that this type of connection decreases stress for the caregiver which is positive for the entire family.

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